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Santorini Monolithos

Santorini Monolithos

Monolithos is a quiet village located on the eastern part of Santorini, within close distance from the island’s airport. Its name has derived from the large rock, on which Saint John’s church has been built. The village boasts a picturesque beach of fine black sand, with shallow waters and modern facilities. Monolithos beach is perfect for families and all those travelers seeking a place to relax and enjoy the sea. 
The area of Monolithos is well connected to the rest of Santorini, with the vibrant Kamari area really close and the scenic capital situated just a few miles away. Almyriki Beach Villa is gracefully situated in Monolithos. There are taverns and restaurants for guests to enjoy in the area, while right on the beach a brand new beach bar offers relaxing moments to the villa guests who seek quality nightlife, without the noise of other parts on the island. So this is an idyllic place to unwind, lay back and relax. In Monolithos, you will also find a wind surfing school, where you may also indulge in kite surfing and other beach and water sports. 
Discover Monolithos, staying at the gorgeous Almyriki Beach Villa and enjoying splendid, luxurious yet intimate and friendly services in an outstanding environment.
Santorini Experiences

Santorini Experiences

Santorini is an island filled with natural beauty and a lot to discover. Its hidden treasures offer travelers the opportunity to delve in the uniqueness of the island, experiencing the fundamental elements that define it. Much more than the lunar shaped beaches and the breathtaking architecture, Santorini provides the ultimate getaway for a number of amazing activities that will sweep you off your feet. 
First of all, you are most welcome to set out on a tour to the volcano. Imposing landscapes and a view to the caldera that leaves you speechless guarantee an unforgettable experience. Besides the volcanic islands, you may schedule sunset tours to the magnetizing Oia settlement or head to the island’s most secluded beaches. 
Then, a wine tasting experience is a great chance for travelers to discover the magnificent history and tradition of Santorini. Distinctive wine making produces some of the world’s most wonderful wine varieties and you are encouraged to try them all, along with Theran delicacies and mouth-watering recipes. 
Hiking tours and horse riding, bicycling and indulging in water sports, Spa & beauty services overlooking the volcano, these are all experiences to treasure while in Santorini. Contact us at Almyriki Beach Villa and allow us to shape your vacations!
Santorini Weddings

Santorini Weddings

If you are looking for romance in life, then destination Santorini should already be first on your list! For the ultimate wedding destination in the world, the island of Santorini stands out among the rest and offers the most thrilling backdrop for couples in love. Getting married as the sun is going down, bathing nature with thousands of colors, sounds mesmerizing. And it is even more outstanding than what you might have pictured in your mind. 
No picture can capture the moment 100%, no video can reflect the magnificent spectacle before your eyes at sunset. Santorini is a destination where dreams come alive, a place of fierce and raw beauty that allows you to dive deep into the origins of the island. A thrilling place to complete your common dream and become one for the rest of your life,  surrounded by beautiful landscapes and mystical havens. 
For a wedding you will cherish a lifetime, reach out to Santorini and start planning the day. There are professional wedding planners eager to help you out every step of the way, ensuring that your wedding day is the best day of your life...so far! And then, Santorini honeymoon sounds enchanting! Or how about renewing your vows in Santorini, enjoying supreme vacations at Almyriki? And if you wish to pop the question, you will need the breathtaking scenery of Monolithos Beach!
In an outstanding destination, enjoy absolute pampering and relaxation as the perfect beginning of your life as a married couple or the most outstanding way to celebrate love in all its shapes and forms!
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